Announcing Our Reiki Blog!

Welcome to Day 1 Post 1 of the Jonquil Reiki Blog!

I am happy to announce that I am starting a blog. It will provide announcements for Jonquil Reiki for the locals, as well as host guides and practices of all kinds for all levels of Reiki Practitioners.

Even if you've never taken a Reiki class, you can get an idea of how Reiki could work for you in your own Complete Beginners' section. Of course, we'll also include a section about Reiki Treatment for those interested in receiving Reiki locally from a Reiki Master.

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I'm starting this blog because there is a wealth of Reiki information on the Internet. What does that mean? There's too much to take in, and it's difficult to tell who really knows what they are talking about.

It's also too specific - you can learn Reiki I, II, and III, but there's not much else. What do you need to know before learning Reiki? What do you do after Master level? Is it possible to Live by Reiki? What's the deal with online attunement?

My goal is to distill the information that's out there, guide the reader to find their personal path, and provide the information that is lacking in the Reiki community.

Stay tuned to find information, practices, announcements, book review lists, and guides aplenty as we dive right into discussing Reiki. Please leave your comments below!

Reiki Blessings,

Claire Harrison is an attuned Reiki Master/Teacher, Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher, Grief Reiki Healer, an anointed Shamanic Practitioner, and a certified Aromatherapist. She has been practicing Usui Reiki since 2014 and operates a Reiki practice in Gainesville, GA.

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