Day Four: Forgiveness


Forgiveness of a person does not mean that you accept their behavior. Forgiveness is for your benefit and growth!

It is equally important to forgive yourself and to forgive others. You can also forgive a whole group of people, a situation, a place, a guide, even your higher power.

The reason we need to forgive is to free ourselves and to boost our positive outlook on life. When you hold on to an old wound, it continues to harm you in several ways. The most obvious effect is emotional, but these wounds can also manifest mentally, spiritually, or even physically!

Energetically, emotional wounds can appear as stagnant energy or energy blockages. After going through the deep work of forgiveness, you should focus on self-care to release the remaining negative energy from the experience. If you are attuned to Reiki, do some self-healing to remove stagnant energy. You may also want to see an alternative practitioner to assist in this process.

Forgiveness is about freeing us from old wounds so that we can move forward in life with positive momentum and joy!

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