Day One: Creativity


Studies have shown that adults who regularly practice creative time have developed improved mental health, a sharper mind, increased focus, and a stronger immune system. These benefits become increasingly important as we grow older.

Creativity does not have to be a solo activity. Consider involving your kids in a new craft project, having a creative date night with your partner, or planning a craft night with friends (video chat still counts)!

Creativity is not just about art. Do you get frustrated easily with craft projects? Remember that cooking, dancing, gardening, solving puzzles, playing games, writing, journaling, and baking are all ways to be creative. Try plenty of options, then commit to creative activities that bring you joy. 

Embrace your inner child. What creative activities did you enjoy when you were young? Think about picking up some supplies and spending an afternoon doing something fun and healing for your inner self.

Creativity not only provides us with a fun break from work, chores, and responsibilities; we can also boost our mental focus and productivity in all areas of life by taking regular time in our schedules to be creative.

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