Day Three: Hugs


Psychotherapist and social worker Virginia Satir stated:

We need four hugs a day for survival. We need eight hugs a day for maintenance. And we need twelve hugs a day for growth.


We are at a time in our lives that we are more physically disconnected from our friends and loved ones than usual. We have been filling in social time with video chat, but physical touch is still important!

You may need to find more hugs at home right now. If you are used to hugging friends and family that you cannot meet with right now, seek more hugs from your family in the safety of your home.

Studies have shown that a longer hug can provide even more whole-self benefits than a short hug. So, go ahead and snuggle in!

Physical touch is a type of healing that we all need, every day. Adapt your home to being more huggable so that your whole family can receive the benefits of loving touch. It’s also okay to hug yourself!

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