Day Two: Rest


It's okay to be tired right now. Chances are, you are experiencing some of the following things: anxiety, worry, fear, sadness, cabin fever, overwhelmed with extra responsibilities, lack of alone time. All these issues drain our energy and contribute to our overall feelings of fatigue.

Anxiety can come from many sources. Our collective world community is in a state of worry and fear, which takes a toll on each of us. Our personal responses to current events may also trigger anxiety. Whether you are familiar with the feelings of anxiety or it has been a difficult new experience, it is important to rest when needed.

You may be experiencing changes in your work and home lives. You may need to take on new responsibilities that increase your daily work or pick up extra chores around the house. Day after day, these changes also influence our energy.

If you are an introvert (like me), you require time alone to recharge on a regular basis. With so many people working and attending school from home, alone time might be hard to find. If you are feeling drained, too much social time could be the culprit. Consider encouraging a quiet hour in your home for your family to take some time apart. It’s healthy for everyone!

No matter the cause, we may all feel increased tiredness right now, and that is okay! Listen to your body and relax or rest when needed. You have adjusted your life to new responsibilities for others – do the same thing for yourself!

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