Grief Reiki®

What is Grief?

Probably the most important definition about grief is that it is the "normal emotional response to loss." This means it is completely human to grieve. This may go against everything we have been taught about grief being abnormal, something to avoid at all costs or something we have to rationalize or intellectualize.

A second definition is that grief is "the conflicting feelings caused by the end of or change in a familiar pattern of behavior." This means there can be sadness and maybe even relief associated with a loss. It is why moving, divorce, graduating from college, retiring from a job after 30 years, or a romantic break-up can cause the emotions associated with grief. To repeat every change in our lives can bring with it feelings of grief.

A third definition describes grief as "reaching out one more time for a loved one who is no longer there or was never there." Yes, we can most certainly grieve for someone who was never there for us. An absent parent. An ex-spouse who spent too many hours at the office. A friend who said they would always be there but was nowhere to be found when we needed them most. Reaching out when someone is no longer there or was never there definitely produces feelings of grief.

What is Grief Reiki?

When someone is grieving everything seems to go out of whack. Emotionally, they may feel like their mind is in a fog. Physically, they may feel completely disassociated from their bodies or like their hearts are broken and battered. Spiritually, they may have become disconnected from their higher selves. As a result, maintaining health and spiritual well-being is far from easy. This is where practicing or receiving Reiki can help a griever to heal.

It’s no coincidence that the symptoms associated with grieving and the benefits of Reiki almost match each other one for one.