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We are pleased to announce that Reiki Training will begin soon. To assess the interest as well as determine the dates that work for everyone, please Contact Us to join the preliminary class list by June 30 for the first Reiki Level One class.

Training for Reiki Level One will be weekly for 8 weeks, at a cost of $25 per class, and a one-time fee per level of $25 for materials. Please be aware that joining the list does not commit you to the class, however it includes you in the discussion of class date and time prior to the first announcement.

Sign Up Today!

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Who should learn Reiki?

Everyone can benefit from some level of Reiki training. Reiki level one provides instruction on healing the self and others. Reiki level two provides distant healing techniques, and Reiki Master training provides further advancement through various options.

What training options are provided?

Level One
Level Two
Master Practitioner
Master Teacher
Master Entrepreneur
Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher
Grief Reiki Healer

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