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Reiki Healing

Reiki is a form of alternative medicine involving hands-on or hands-off interaction with energy, as well as performing chakra work to help maintain balance.

Crystal Reiki

Crystal healing is an alternative healing technique that employs stones and crystals. Combined with Reiki practices, it can yield powerful results.

Grief Reiki ®

Grief Reiki is a specialized form of Reiki Healing that focuses on healing the emotional, physical, and spiritual pains of grief. Allow Grief Reiki to assist in your personal process.

Grief Coaching

A Grief Coach can lead you on a journey of recovery. There are many types of grief and loss, not just the passing of a loved one. Grief Coaching gives you an ally as you navigate through the changes.


We are pleased to offer wellness bundles for kickstarting your healing process!

Reiki Training

Not interested in a weekend crash course? Join us for weekly Reiki lessons from beginner to mastery. Enjoy a slower pace complete with specific instruction, discussion, and plenty of practice.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are now available for all services.

Chakra Work

There are benefits on many levels when the chakras are brought into alignment and balanced. We offer several options for this service, tailored to your preferences in each session.


Our blog provides announcements, offers, and events for Jonquil Reiki.

Menopause Session

As a rite of passage, menopause must be experienced by all women, with the benefits and detriments that come with it. Our unique approach combines Reiki, crystals, herbalism, aromatherapy, and meditation to adjust to this new phase of life. We will work together to not only address the physical and emotional symptoms, but also to celebrate your earned wisdom as you learn to embrace the woman within.