1. It's no secret that most of us live in a constant state of stress in today's world. Reiki offers multiple practices to alleviate that stress.

  2. The Reiki principles offer a simple, yet all-encompassing set of mantras to live by.

  3. Giving Reiki costs nothing. All you need is your own hands!

  4. Modern science is now catching up to what many cultures have known about universal energy since ancient times and proving it to be true.

  5. The ancient chakra energy system corresponds neatly to the endocrine system of the body.

  6. We know that emotional stress takes its toll on us physically. Reiki treats the cause and the symptoms by relieving pain in the body but also reducing the impact stress has on the emotions.

  7. The ki in Reiki is the same thing as chi, a central teaching of many martial arts and meditation programs.

  8. Giving Reiki healing can be as beneficial to the practitioner as it is to the recipient.

  9. Reiki self-healing can be done anytime, anywhere. It is a gentle technique for daily relaxation and stress management.

  10. The benefits of Reiki match the symptoms of grief. Reiki can be a powerful ally during difficult times.

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