Grief Coaching

What is Grief Coaching?

We often think of grief as just being about the loss of a loved one. However, all of the following events cause us to grieve: divorce of our parents or ourselves, loss of job, yourself or your child going to college, not making the team, abuse, and pet loss. Of course, we are all experiencing some feelings of loss and fear at this time due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Any major change in our lives, even those perceived as positive changes, cause a loss of some kind. Consider choosing to have a baby or adopt a child. It is a choice you have made because it will bring joy into your life. At the same time, you are choosing to let go of the freedom you had prior to children. This is an example of a positive life change causing a loss that we must grieve.

Another point I'd like to mention is the concept of Disenfranchised Grief. This is grief that is not accepted by society. An example would be losing a partner in a type of relationship not recognized by our current society. Disenfranchised Grief also occurs when society puts pressure on us to be done mourning before we are ready, or when we are treated as though our grief is an overreaction to the loss. This includes the grief we experience when a beloved role model or famous person dies. All types of disenfranchised grief are valid. There are no situations in which feelings of grief are invalid.

Let me repeat that: There are no situations in which feelings of grief are invalid.

If you are feeling any type of grief or loss, I encourage you to find out if grief coaching is right for you. Coaching is very powerful support during times of transition. The specialty of grief coaching is to help you transition, adjust, and plan your changed life in ways meaningful for you. Going through these steps of grief with a coach takes the feeling of being alone out of loss at a time you need to hear you own voice along with a supporting voice.

What is the Grief Coaching Program?

Our Grief Coaching program is a 13 session process that can be provided weekly or monthly at the your preference. We will address several aspects of grief and how to work through them as you transition into a new normal. Please contact me to let me know you are interested in this program. I am also hoping to have a group meet for this program, so please let me know if group or solo is your preference.

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